Deyana Teeyl

Teez the Mind & Tizzy the Soul

Tired N Crazy is Trazy!

For a trazy solid week, day time nap times have been a physically exhausting affair.  My body goes ‘yay’ to the fantasy of muscle unwinding rest but my mind has gone ‘woot woot' lets plan and strategize new pole combos and ways to build strength with flexibility.  So deep under my soft covers, head snuggled into my pillow…my muscles twitch and tighten in groaning obedience to my brain’s delighted commando demands.  It dawns on me that no sleep can happen if my mind whips my body in illusion exercises.  With that, I deliberately release my tragic muscles from their jerk and clench, governing that sleep will over take my mind’s athletics.  Sighing, I begin to drift off to la la land, finally.  “Oh but, but!” my brain squeals with glee, dreaming up yet another strength conditioning tactic to improve her pole tricks.  “Noooo,” my whipped body moans.  And me…I just can’t help it, I’m curious…