Deyana Teeyl

Teez the Mind & Tizzy the Soul

Flippy Fiction Pit Stops

How is it that my brain never stops spinning a hundred miles an hour?!  It’s a great rush, for sure, but oh my!  No wonder I do so much fitness stuff!  Gives my poor brain a time of rest.  Doesn’t matter if I’m dreaming and scheming passion filled business ventures or emotionally and cognitively figuring out the intimate relationships of my life, my marathon enduring mind rarely slows to first gear.  Such a struggle to be the turtle and not the hare.  The way I figure it, I can be both.  And that includes being both in each of my high speed chases…that of brain solving my obstacles of success and my body action straining of flex and strength.  Yup, indeed it should work….life as a sprinter, with pit stops, lol.  But instead of actual pit stops, I just jump in my other vehicle and chomp on the gas.  That fits.  And I like it that way.  Why is it though that some warn me that my high speeds have danger to them?  Slow down?  Now why the bloody hell should I do that?! Such a waste of time, precious time…  Perhaps one day I will stumble and crash into their words and realize they were backed by wisdom.  Or perhaps I will keep on keeping on and reach mountain peaks that wouldn’t have been surmounted if it wasn't for my stubborn, tenacious, never say die, brain.  Time, yup, indeed it will tell the tale.