Deyana Teeyl

Teez the Mind & Tizzy the Soul

Paint Ball Defender of All That is Green


I am attempting to write a story sitting at my kitchen table over looking the snow blanketed lake.  Blue skies, serene quiet…well, it was quiet.  Now it is disrupted by the sound of a paint ball gun in the hands of my kamikaze grinning husband.  You see, we built this fence…a fence of defence from the constant massacre of my cherry tress, my cabbages in summer, and even the tender new shoots of perennials, oh, and not to be forgotten, that one gorgeous newly opened rose, grrrr!  Damn Bambi!  But our fence has two unfinished openings and yeah, a few deer came in to annihilate my fine leafy lives.  More gunshots… Feel sorry for the deer, almost.  Come to think of it, I think orange is a good colour for them.  But not my pretty fence!  Oh well, cause yup and yay, I think Bambi will think twice before coming into my yard again to kill with its grinding vicious teeth.