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Retro Reminisce: Caramilk Liquor...Not Exactly Aged to Perfection

So…with our New Years Eve party just days away and my sassy gorgeous friend, just as mischievous as I, coming to the party… Jello shots just had to be made!  Even if slurped in secret by only us two, heehee.  And so up into the high cupboard I went to go through my liquor stash…hmmm, raspberry sour puss, yum, and blue curaçao, delicious, ohhh, but what is this?  A caramilk liquor…ooo, what if I poured that over my punch bowl sized Death by Chocolate desert?!  YESSSS!  As I took it down I wondered if it could go bad cause I could not remember how long it had been stashed up there.  So with aggressive fingers I unscrewed the lid and with a delicate nose I breathed in its scent…well, it seemed to smell ok.  Yay!


Hours later I proudly held up my caramilk liquor for my man to see, telling him my yummy plans for it.  He gave a sly laugh and said, “Are you sure Baby you want to use that?” 

“Why ever not!” I pouted… And then I took a closer look…