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Everything Is Awesome!

Everything Is Awesome!

       The living room roars with laughter, mine being amongst the loudest.  The silly antics of my Jules are hilariously priceless.  My sweet n quiet girl, ha!  Only those closest to her, specifically her sisters and I, get to see her true colors, her wicked sense of humour and spun out chatter.  Just then my youngest, Bree, presses the mouth piece of her saxophone to her lips and gives a mighty blow… We all hold our breaths not knowing if it will be a strangled goose that erupts or an aggressive trumpeting swan.  Yay!  We get the swan!  My incredible little musician.  I am amazed by her.  She has only been playing her saxophone for two weeks and it is truly mind blowing how quickly she picked it up.  Now the room quiets and funny conversation starts back up.  Lol, Jules is at it again, being crazy super vibrant in her mini vent about which clothes to wear to school the next day.  My oh so practical oldest, Kassy, rolls her eyes in mock, scared, wonder at her fluffy, nuts sister.  For she is above such glitz and glamour, preferring steal toed work boots with her carharts.  My strong daughter she is… strong in body and strong in heart, a heart of gold, complimented by an earth shattering smile that melts all ages.  

       Yes, I am wildly loving my girls, proud of each, and treasuring these special moments with them.  How did I get such amazing daughters, so beautiful inside and out, and so willing to continue sharing their lives with me despite being teenagers.  I sit back on the couch and soak it in.  So badly I want this to never end, this is magical.  Kassy and Jules are throwing rubber tipped barbs at each other while Bree prances around with a saxophone hanging around her neck.  Suddenly the room quiets and three pairs of crystal blue eyes turn to me, “What are you thinking mom?”  I am brought back from my musing and with my own blue eyes taking on a mischievous glint, I break into my own version of the Lego movie song:

Everything is awesome!  

Everything is cool when you’re Sassy Classyn!  

Everything is awesome, living in this dream!