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Retro Reminisce: Demon Queen Escapades

Gulp, only three weeks away till the show.  The show where I get to be the Seductress turned Demon Queen, muwahahaha!  Lol, I am having way to much fun with my part and everyone on the troop either laughs at my antics or gasps, heehee, if I affectively send one of my perfecting evil glares their way.  As we get closer to show time, we are running dress rehearsals and that means makeup too.  Definitely not the easiest makeup application and thus much practicing is needed.  But pout, all that work to put my scary face on only to wear it for rehearsal and thats it?  Lol, I think not!  Oh yes Baby, I take my face out on the town after!  You would not believe the triple takes I get!  What delicious crazy ass fun!  What can I say, I’m free advertisement for the show.