Deyana Teeyl

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A Reminisce of Cheese

  I made cheese today.  Yup, cheese.  Damn it has been forever since I last created this solid milk substance.  Years in fact.  What satisfaction to watch the separation of whey from curds, to strain it, and then, oh yum, to take that first tasty sample before putting it in the press.

       Looking back…how the flipping hell did I do this on a regular basis?!  Cheese making is a hours long constant process.  But that wasn’t all of it…. I had four little kids, living in a shop, milking a cow, and making bread, and and homeschooling the crazy cute hellions too, lol.  I was nuts!  A recluse of busyness.  No wonder I had no social life!

       But today making that cheese, brought back the memories of the sweet satisfaction of creations I made way back when.  Cheese, bread….KIDS!  I honestly don’t know how I did it.  And I am amazed and maybe yes a little proud of my recluse existence.  It was a form of success that not many would know, let alone understand, or appreciate.  I truly was nuts.  But today, to once again create, oh my, did it satisfy my soul and cause me to reminisce and smile in kamikaze revelation of the nuts wonders of my life.