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Teez the Mind & Tizzy the Soul

Flippy Fiction Pit Stops

How is it that my brain never stops spinning a hundred miles an hour?!  It’s a great rush, for sure, but oh my!  No wonder I do so much fitness stuff!  Gives my poor brain a time of rest.  Doesn’t matter if I’m dreaming and scheming passion filled business ventures or emotionally and cognitively figuring out the intimate relationships of my life, my marathon enduring mind rarely slows to first gear.  Such a struggle to be the turtle and not the hare.  The way I figure it, I can be both.  And that includes being both in each of my high speed chases…that of brain solving my obstacles of success and my body action straining of flex and strength.  Yup, indeed it should work….life as a sprinter, with pit stops, lol.  But instead of actual pit stops, I just jump in my other vehicle and chomp on the gas.  That fits.  And I like it that way.  Why is it though that some warn me that my high speeds have danger to them?  Slow down?  Now why the bloody hell should I do that?! Such a waste of time, precious time…  Perhaps one day I will stumble and crash into their words and realize they were backed by wisdom.  Or perhaps I will keep on keeping on and reach mountain peaks that wouldn’t have been surmounted if it wasn't for my stubborn, tenacious, never say die, brain.  Time, yup, indeed it will tell the tale.


Paint Ball Defender of All That is Green


I am attempting to write a story sitting at my kitchen table over looking the snow blanketed lake.  Blue skies, serene quiet…well, it was quiet.  Now it is disrupted by the sound of a paint ball gun in the hands of my kamikaze grinning husband.  You see, we built this fence…a fence of defence from the constant massacre of my cherry tress, my cabbages in summer, and even the tender new shoots of perennials, oh, and not to be forgotten, that one gorgeous newly opened rose, grrrr!  Damn Bambi!  But our fence has two unfinished openings and yeah, a few deer came in to annihilate my fine leafy lives.  More gunshots… Feel sorry for the deer, almost.  Come to think of it, I think orange is a good colour for them.  But not my pretty fence!  Oh well, cause yup and yay, I think Bambi will think twice before coming into my yard again to kill with its grinding vicious teeth.

Tired N Crazy is Trazy!

For a trazy solid week, day time nap times have been a physically exhausting affair.  My body goes ‘yay’ to the fantasy of muscle unwinding rest but my mind has gone ‘woot woot' lets plan and strategize new pole combos and ways to build strength with flexibility.  So deep under my soft covers, head snuggled into my pillow…my muscles twitch and tighten in groaning obedience to my brain’s delighted commando demands.  It dawns on me that no sleep can happen if my mind whips my body in illusion exercises.  With that, I deliberately release my tragic muscles from their jerk and clench, governing that sleep will over take my mind’s athletics.  Sighing, I begin to drift off to la la land, finally.  “Oh but, but!” my brain squeals with glee, dreaming up yet another strength conditioning tactic to improve her pole tricks.  “Noooo,” my whipped body moans.  And me…I just can’t help it, I’m curious…

"Did I Fly?"

Special thanks to her daughter, she now has tears in her eyes.  Her little gymnast and lover of calisthenics (who knows where she got that from!) had determined to do the superman from an explosive pushup, off the living room floor.  The tears cascading down her cheeks, lol, are from the violent eruption of unsurpressible laughter when she hears the solid thud, followed by a groan and the giggle of ‘whoops’.  Then unwittingly, her daughter says the classic Petri line from Land Before Time…  “Did I fly?”  Compressing her laughter for a pause of prose, she answers according to Ducky, “No, you fall.”




Kinky Toes Be Gone

       No toe cramps, none, zip and nada!  “Whoot, whoot", I shriek in relieved delight.  Who would have thought that consuming more calories, specifically protein, with the addition of increased water, would terminate the damning toe kinks.  Those painful little suckers wreaked dangerous havoc on me!  Oh yes, dangerous!  You, hang upside down on the top curve of the hoop and have your toes become contortionists in painful glee!  And then, gulp, the desperate scramble and flop of getting the flip down!  Thank goodness my choreographer, in one of my moments of tortured exasperation, gave me an educating lesson on calorie consumption.  My poor muscles, I sigh.  I was putting them through hell.  Underfed and then pushed to complete exhaustion, such cruelty of infliction.  Nope, not a good method to build strength and endurance.  But now, oh yeah, fuelled muscles equals more power, which means crazier tricks!  Yup, toe cramps be gone!


Retro Reminisce: Caramilk Liquor...Not Exactly Aged to Perfection

So…with our New Years Eve party just days away and my sassy gorgeous friend, just as mischievous as I, coming to the party… Jello shots just had to be made!  Even if slurped in secret by only us two, heehee.  And so up into the high cupboard I went to go through my liquor stash…hmmm, raspberry sour puss, yum, and blue curaçao, delicious, ohhh, but what is this?  A caramilk liquor…ooo, what if I poured that over my punch bowl sized Death by Chocolate desert?!  YESSSS!  As I took it down I wondered if it could go bad cause I could not remember how long it had been stashed up there.  So with aggressive fingers I unscrewed the lid and with a delicate nose I breathed in its scent…well, it seemed to smell ok.  Yay!


Hours later I proudly held up my caramilk liquor for my man to see, telling him my yummy plans for it.  He gave a sly laugh and said, “Are you sure Baby you want to use that?” 

“Why ever not!” I pouted… And then I took a closer look…

Everything Is Awesome!

Everything Is Awesome!

       The living room roars with laughter, mine being amongst the loudest.  The silly antics of my Jules are hilariously priceless.  My sweet n quiet girl, ha!  Only those closest to her, specifically her sisters and I, get to see her true colors, her wicked sense of humour and spun out chatter.  Just then my youngest, Bree, presses the mouth piece of her saxophone to her lips and gives a mighty blow… We all hold our breaths not knowing if it will be a strangled goose that erupts or an aggressive trumpeting swan.  Yay!  We get the swan!  My incredible little musician.  I am amazed by her.  She has only been playing her saxophone for two weeks and it is truly mind blowing how quickly she picked it up.  Now the room quiets and funny conversation starts back up.  Lol, Jules is at it again, being crazy super vibrant in her mini vent about which clothes to wear to school the next day.  My oh so practical oldest, Kassy, rolls her eyes in mock, scared, wonder at her fluffy, nuts sister.  For she is above such glitz and glamour, preferring steal toed work boots with her carharts.  My strong daughter she is… strong in body and strong in heart, a heart of gold, complimented by an earth shattering smile that melts all ages.  

       Yes, I am wildly loving my girls, proud of each, and treasuring these special moments with them.  How did I get such amazing daughters, so beautiful inside and out, and so willing to continue sharing their lives with me despite being teenagers.  I sit back on the couch and soak it in.  So badly I want this to never end, this is magical.  Kassy and Jules are throwing rubber tipped barbs at each other while Bree prances around with a saxophone hanging around her neck.  Suddenly the room quiets and three pairs of crystal blue eyes turn to me, “What are you thinking mom?”  I am brought back from my musing and with my own blue eyes taking on a mischievous glint, I break into my own version of the Lego movie song:

Everything is awesome!  

Everything is cool when you’re Sassy Classyn!  

Everything is awesome, living in this dream! 

Retro Reminisce: Demon Queen Escapades

Gulp, only three weeks away till the show.  The show where I get to be the Seductress turned Demon Queen, muwahahaha!  Lol, I am having way to much fun with my part and everyone on the troop either laughs at my antics or gasps, heehee, if I affectively send one of my perfecting evil glares their way.  As we get closer to show time, we are running dress rehearsals and that means makeup too.  Definitely not the easiest makeup application and thus much practicing is needed.  But pout, all that work to put my scary face on only to wear it for rehearsal and thats it?  Lol, I think not!  Oh yes Baby, I take my face out on the town after!  You would not believe the triple takes I get!  What delicious crazy ass fun!  What can I say, I’m free advertisement for the show.

A Reminisce of Cheese

  I made cheese today.  Yup, cheese.  Damn it has been forever since I last created this solid milk substance.  Years in fact.  What satisfaction to watch the separation of whey from curds, to strain it, and then, oh yum, to take that first tasty sample before putting it in the press.

       Looking back…how the flipping hell did I do this on a regular basis?!  Cheese making is a hours long constant process.  But that wasn’t all of it…. I had four little kids, living in a shop, milking a cow, and making bread, and and homeschooling the crazy cute hellions too, lol.  I was nuts!  A recluse of busyness.  No wonder I had no social life!

       But today making that cheese, brought back the memories of the sweet satisfaction of creations I made way back when.  Cheese, bread….KIDS!  I honestly don’t know how I did it.  And I am amazed and maybe yes a little proud of my recluse existence.  It was a form of success that not many would know, let alone understand, or appreciate.  I truly was nuts.  But today, to once again create, oh my, did it satisfy my soul and cause me to reminisce and smile in kamikaze revelation of the nuts wonders of my life.


Hard Stiff Ass Thinking

I sit here, ass on the hard bleacher seat, waiting for my two youngest daughters to perform their gymnastics tricks. And in deep contemplation I am, dreaming, planning, strategizing, how to step into this blogging and writing world. My nights have been sleepless cause my poor brain is smoking from over spinning use, groan....but yay! Twenty years of marriage and eighteen of those popping n raising my four children.  Life was reduced to kids n house work n yeah yeah yeah, you know the list. But now with my first graduated and my last about to enter her teen years....I'm not too old, not even forty yet.... My time to find me has arrived. And, oh my, am I finding me! In fact five years ago I began my psychology degree and four years ago began modelling! Who would have thought a 34 year old would be 'discovered'?!  And in the last two years I have entered the world of performing pole fitness and aerial hoop.  Whoosh what a rush! And now, now I wish to step more seriously into the arena of writing.  So here I am, stiff, sore assed, watching my amazing beauties, the little wonders I created, moving independently from me. Yup, it is time, time to get serious n passionate about a future of pen n keyboard. 

 Photo by PT Imaging

Photo by PT Imaging